Nutura vitamin sprays are efficient and easy to use !



  Nutura Vitamin Sprays:

Our new name for the well-known Vitamist Sprays

 Old and renewed sprays with a new look


 Nutura spray vitamins offer the highest quality pure vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and other nutrients, without additives. Vitamin Sprays have no dissolving or absorption problems, known from traditional food supplements. Oral absorption through the bucal mucosa is effectif until ± 90 % and provides your body with all the necessary nutrients according to the recommended daily allowance (RDI) on a daily base.

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Nutura Vitamin sprays are available in more than 40 variaties for different purposes and different groups of users. Below you will find some sprays from the assortment. You want to see more? Make your selection on the basis of Type of User, Application or most important Ingredient. In case you like to see all sprays, then select 40 Sprays on a Row.

Multi Vitamins Spray


A reliable replenishment to your daily food.

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Vitamin C + Zinc Spray


Vitamin C plus Zinc, a good combination


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Revitalizer Spray


Revitalize yourself with vitamin B6 and B12 and herbs.

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Multi 50+ spray


It's not the question how old you get, but how you get old!

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Vitamin B12 Spray / 500 mcg


It is important to provide the body with sufficient Vitamin B12.


Our B12 spray comes in two potencies: high or superhigh. Make your choice when ordering.


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Vitamin D3 Spray


The role of vitamin D is increasingly important

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VitaFerrum Spray


The first liquid iron supplement in a spray for oral absorption.

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Ionic Minerals


A unique mineral complex of ionic and electrolitic minerals in a liquid form.

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40 Sprays on a Row



Make your choice from more than 40 different Nutura Vitamin Sprays.







Super-CalPro Drink mix


Calcium-Protein drink mix - Good for bones and muscles and a very good protein source for vegetarians and a super nutritional Calcium-Protein supplement for WLS patients.

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